Unity - open source

"Unity" is going OPEN SOURCE! Follow the link and find:

- 16 bit wav file
- Ableton Live project file
- Stems
- Instrumental (if you don’t like the vocals, sing your own  )

The feedback on this song has been incredible! Thank you all so much for the comments, hearts, reposts and for almost 50.000 likes on this page!


Dear Friends,

thank you very much for being so patient with me, waiting for new music. A lot of messages came my way, asking about new tracks and if I was alive at all. Actually I am alive  And I was really busy throughout the last months in the studio producing a ton of new tracks. I wanted to come up with something really new, not just repeat what I’ve done already. On the other hand the direction of festival big room electro house, that a lot of producers went into, may be a lot of fun. But it never felt quite right for me, so I tried a lot of different things till I found something that gave me… you know… “that feeling”  Now I got a couple of fresh tracks in the making and “Unity” is the first of them that I want to share with you. I hope you like it as much as I do and that it makes you happy, dance, or at least rock on your chair.

Much love,

P.S.: Please check out Jordan Grimmer Art who made the amazing artwork.

P.P.S.: All tracks will be for free. Modify, share, use and abuse them in every way you want.

P.P.P.S.: please excuse my less-than-perfect english.



Merry Christmas everybody! Here is a mixtape to make sure the holy night is not too silent


cedpipe asked: Oh my god you actually have a tumblr

Uhm, yes


Anonymous asked: Hi, i wonder wich vst do you use for these awesome chords in your tracks?

Nothing fancy to be honest. Mostly Sylenth.


yoitsbuck asked: will you ever make trap music?

I played around with it already. But nothing so far I that liked enough to release it.