Oct 02

Unity - open source

"Unity" is going OPEN SOURCE! Follow the link and find:

- 16 bit wav file
- Ableton Live project file
- Stems
- Instrumental (if you don’t like the vocals, sing your own  )

The feedback on this song has been incredible! Thank you all so much for the comments, hearts, reposts and for almost 50.000 likes on this page!

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Dec 18

cedpipe said: Oh my god you actually have a tumblr

Uhm, yes

Anonymous said: Hi, i wonder wich vst do you use for these awesome chords in your tracks?

Nothing fancy to be honest. Mostly Sylenth.

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Nov 25

yoitsbuck said: will you ever make trap music?

I played around with it already. But nothing so far I that liked enough to release it.